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Helping You Find Your Next Great Leader


  • SIMA Partners is the largest search firm that is licensed by SIMA® International Founded in 1961 by Arthur Miller, Jr.

  • 22 consulting offices in the US and Internationally.

  • We use the SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities®) process in Executive Search, Selection, and Succession.

  • SIMA Partners specializes in recruiting leaders for corporate and nonprofit clients.



SIMA Partners offers a network of thousands of non-profit and corporate executives. In addition, we have a nationwide network of partners within the SIMA organization who serve the non-profit and corporate world including offices in Minneapolis, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Los Angeles, D.C, and Connecticut.  Our ability to reach the right candidate is evident. SIMA Partners has completed over 700+ projects through our Network.



We exist to find remarkable leaders who fit perfectly into our client organizations and align with their mission.

Our ultimate mission is to find and place world-class leaders who will change the upward trajectory of your organization for the next 7-10 years.  That is what we do.  We find great leaders.  We are SIMA Partners.




  • Delivering world-class organizational intelligence and unparalleled leadership insights

  • Bringing clarity in times of organizational uncertainty

  • Connecting organizations with transformational leaders

  • Finding exceptional leaders who aren't easily discovered or accessible

  • Providing a deep dive into the DNA of an organization, dissecting what type of next leaders they need for success

  • Delivering a 60-year-old, time tested, leadership testing with innovative technology which measures a leader’s blueprint and predicts their future behavior in an organization

  • Persistent and results-driven service with a track record of completing 98% of the searches we start, tracked over a period of 20+ years

  • Partnering with clients for the long-term, usually a 7-10 year success strategy





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