Executive Search, Selection & Succession


 SIMA Partners is a world-class retained executive recruiting firm. We provide the deepest level of search intelligence and motivational pattern insights which determine future leadership performance.  Our unique research and candidate vetting process is driven by pinpoint strategy and best practices.  SIMA Partners results are unsurpassed in candidate placement in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds. 

Executive Search


Some organizations believe that they either have the right talent to choose from within, or their own access points to great talent.  In this case, organizations hire

SIMA Partners to “unbundle” our full search process and help them with the selection of the right leader.  Our process still requires involvement in every facet of the process, similar to a full executive retained search, including vetting all candidates, interviewing, process development and leadership analysis using SIMA® Leadership Profiles (SLP’s).




When a board of directors and/or senior leadership team of an organization are ready to move into a planned succession, we will walk step-by-step with the  organization to usher in a smooth succession plan.  Years of success gives us a trusted seat at the succession table.  SIMA Partners is qualified to assist in the delicate and necessary conversations and expectations that bring the needed clarity during the succession process of a founding, or legacy leader.