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What Our Clients Say About Us...

"I retained SIMA Partners to fill a specialized senior sales position in the aviation industry.  The role required a unique set of skills, qualifications and experience in both business and aviation.  SIMA was thorough in assessing the requirements and understanding the cultural fit that we were looking for.  Upon initiation of the search, SIMA quickly identified a highly qualified candidate.  The recruiters at SIMA were thorough and responsive throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.  I highly recommend them."

David Moser, Vice President - Fleet and Special Mission Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft, Duluth, MN

“SIMA Partners is professional, thorough and in a league of their own.  Their mastery and utilization of the SIMA Leadership Profiles (SLP) gives them a much higher probability of a successful match and long lasting placement.  If you are looking for a search firm to source and deliver top talent, SIMA Partners is one of the best.” 

Jacques Aebli, Executive Vice-President of Finance and Operations

Westfall Group Atlanta, GA

“We are grateful to SIMA Partners for their help in find our new Vice-President.  He is well traveled, having been to over 70 countries serving the poor.  He is just the right fit for this important role in our mission to serve more children and families.”

Joan Mussa, Senior Vice President of Mobilization

World Vision, Seattle, WA

SIMA Partners was retained by to fill a senior leadership position. This role is critically important for us and it was a position that we had been recruiting for unsuccessfully for some time prior to SIMA Partners engagement.  The approach taken by SIMA Partners in filling this position was very systematic, in that they took the time to understand our business goals and objectives, gained a completed understanding our of culture & business norms and helped quantify the requirements/measurables of this role. The selection process was very efficient and effective.  The person selected for this position has been extremely successful and we expect this person will have a very fulfilling career with us.


Andrew Lux PH.D., Senior Vice President of Operations and QA

AtriCure, Cincinnati, OH

“SIMA Partners  was incredible to work with and I could not be happier in my first month as the new Executive Director at Loaves and Fishes.  It is not always easy or popular to come into an organization and make immediate change; I am fortunate enough to have a staff who has embraced the fast pace and realized that this will be an amazing ride as we seek to serve more people with dignity and grace. I couldn’t be happier.”

Cathy Maes, Executive Director

Loaves and Fishes, Minneapolis, MN

“I had the pleasure of working with SIMA Partners... during our search for a new Executive Director.  I was impressed with all aspects of working with them, from their focus on engaging the entire board to the result of the search — finding us a highly qualified new Executive Director that met our requirements!  I would highly recommend SIMA Partners to other nonprofits or organizations looking for help finding the best executive leader candidates!”

Brian Numainville, PRC, Principal

The Retail Feedback Group, Minneapolis, MN

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“SIMA Partners hit a home run. The new Executive Director they helped us find has been wonderful. Please know that we will not hesitate to contact SIMA Partners again for other search needs.”  

Dr. Dennis Conroy President, Board of Directors

Union Gospel Mission, St. Paul, MN

I am deeply grateful for your team’s efforts in filling these important positions in a timely way. Specifically, I appreciate your listening to our vision for these positions, your extensive search to find candidates that meet our criteria, your thorough screening of these candidates, your persistent engagement with them, and your smooth handing off so we could complete the hiring process. 

Thank you for your excellent service!

Janet Sommers, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

University of Northwestern St. Paul, MN

“We retained SIMA Partners for a key executive search for our organization. Through their efforts we filled a VP position and an additional Senior Director position. We appreciated their in-depth understanding of the Medical Device Industry and their access to an extensive network of executive talent. We would recommend SIMA Partners to any company that is looking to fill an executive role.”

Matt Frinzi, Founder & Chief Business Officer

Powervision, Belmont, CA

SIMA Partners was great to work with.  We here at the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches had them do a search for our Vice President for Finance/CFO and process that not only landed us a quality CFO but also led to some further work around Motivational assessments and some Executive Coaching. They were so easy to work with, I really appreciated the ease with which they communicated, their understanding of non-profit work and all that entails, and the connection we developed.

Noya Woodrich, President & CEO

GMCC , Minneapolis, MN

“In 2010, Urban Ventures opened a relationship with SIMA Partners for the purpose of finding a CEO.  They were available seemingly all hours of the day and night, always ready to use their experience in ways that helped us make good choices along the way.  Our team was surprised at the caliber and excellence of the candidates that they were able to bring to the table.  We saw SIMA Partners as a critical partner and believe that our investment to bring them on board was well worth it.  I wholeheartedly recommend SIMA Partners.”

Scott Anderson, Search Team Leader

Urban Ventures, Minneapolis, MN

“I have had the pleasure of working with SIMA Partners over the past three months during a retained search. In short, their work for us has been outstanding. As a senior human resources professional, a key measure of my success is the ability to identify and hire top talent. I recommend SIMA Partners to any organization searching for a results-oriented, professional, and highly-skilled executive recruiter.”

Scott Fazio, VP Human Resources

Smiths Medical, St. Paul, MN

“SIMA Partners did the research as to what characteristics were needed in the positions and they brought us excellent candidates, most of whom we hired.  I am very pleased.”

Pat Robertson, Recruiter and Trainer

Cityteam International, San Jose, CA

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Jason Koch President Southdale Pediatrics

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