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Our SIMA® Advantage

Our SIMA Advantage

System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA®)

Our SIMA® Advantage is considered by many experts to be the most sophisticated approach for the evaluation of Leadership Motivation in the market today–SIMA®.

SIMA® stands for the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA®).  Our SIMA Partners team of professionals uses SIMA® to measure the personal effectiveness of leaders through the focused exploration and direct application of their unique Pattern of Motivated Behavior.  We are the largest and most comprehensive retained search firm in North America that is a fully licensed user of the proprietary assessment technology—the SIMA® Leadership Profile (SLP).


Narrative Psychology Enhanced

Do you want leaders who are working at your organization because of title or salary, or because they are INHERENTLY MOTIVATED to perform in a position that closely matches who they are at their core?

The SIMA Leadership Profile is consistent with narrative psychology, while tapping into a sub-domain within the narrative space.  Over fifty years of SIMA® leadership testing and insights has revealed that when leaders begin reflecting on their specific life achievement stories, a major breakthrough of understanding and clarity emerges. 

SIMA® Leadership Profile (SLP) is the gold-standard for increasing and sustaining leader performance

The SIMA® Leadership Profile (SLP) is a proven step-by-step process for assessing organizational need and leader “fit”.  The SLP process integrates a leader’s motivation, capabilities, competencies, character, and values to create purposeful action in their current context, as well as towards their “best-fit” future options. Nonprofit and business leaders must be immersed in action that is deeply satisfying to them.

SIMA Partners believes core motivational pattern discovery is the gold-standard space in narrative psychology for increasing and SUSTAINING high leader performance. Core motivations and achievement stories are an important part of identity that often gets overlooked. 

SIMA® Leadership Profile (SLP) enables our clients and unlocks the leaders core motivation and maximize success 

The SIMA® Leadership Profile enables our client organizations to make quantum leaps forward in effectiveness by tapping the extraordinary power of people’s core motivations and strengths.  The SLP unlocks the riddle of how to position leaders and board members for optimal effectiveness, and how to manage and develop their strengths for sustained organizational success.

Non-profit and business leaders must be immersed in action that is deeply satisfying to them.  The SIMA® Leadership Profile (SLP) remains the only truly scalable assessment that looks at leaders’ unique motivational patterns which drive achievement.  

60 Years of Leadership Insights with World Class Organizations Proves Why SIMA® Matters

.Over the past 60 years, hundreds of thousands of individuals have gone through the SIMA® process. 

Since 1961, SIMA® has been used by many of the top government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the world to pinpoint the right leader to head teams and organizations, including:







Bell Laboratories

The Mayo Clinic


Eastman Kodak

New York Life

Cirrus Aircraft

Sara Lee



Salvation Army

Boy Scouts of America

World Vision

Tree House

Union Gospel Mission

Teen Challenge

Youth Specialties

Young Life


World Relief

Opportunity International


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